Well it has been awhile since I posted anything as our house sold and we are being looked after by all our friends.   We have moved our furniture into a friends warehouse, boxes into another friends garage and ourselves into a friends basement.  And the new house is moving along nicely.  Hope to be in before Christmas.  So need to sell some paintings.  As you may recall the new house has very few walls as the view of the lake is amazing.

IMG_1492.jpg# 54   Hybiscus done in Ink and acrylic  38″ x 20″   $150.00  SOLD

IMG_1489.jpg# 55  Irish Light House  Black/chalk/acrylic  16″ x 12″   $25.00

P1010142.JPG#  61   Fall Lake View in Acrylic  24″x18″  gallery canvas   $150.00


P1010146.JPG# 62 Tropical Sunset in Acrylic  $100.00


P1010226.JPG# 63  Fairmont Forest  Acrylic Gallery 24″x18″   $150.00

IMG_0797.jpg#65  Korky in oil (commission)  sold for $100.00  12″x16″  SOLD

Fur is easier to paint in oils.  I rather like painting animals.

# 67  Shuswap Lake Sunset in Acrylic 20″x16″  $75.00

P1010429.JPG# 68  Mountains in Fairmont 24″x18″ gallery  $150.00

P1010449.JPG# 70  Ivy Road out Eagle Bay Homestead  acrylic 12″x9″  $50.00

P1010468.jpg# 71  Birches on Black acrylic 16″x20″  $40.00

P1010712.JPG# 73  4 Seasons   Acrylic  $100/setP1010713.JPG# 83  Pick up in the weeds.  Acrylic donated to “Boots for Brody” held May 6/17 (in honor of my grandson who was killed in a car accident May 6, 2016) silent auction got $150 for MADD.  miss you Brody!  SOLD

P1010714.jpg#  84  2nd Blingy Birches with more orange.  20″x24″ gallery  $150.00

P1010719.JPG#86  Black and Silver Birches in Acrylic 12″x36″  $100.00   SOLDP1010724.jpg# 93  Forest Blend in Acrylic  $130.00

P1010723.JPG# 94  Northern Lights Cabin 20″x20″ gallery in Acrylic  $120.00

P1010748.JPG# 96  Mountain with waves in Oil Framed 12″x16″  $100.00 sold

P1010752.jpg# 95  Evergreen tree on Black 9″x12″  Acrylic  $25.00

P1010750.JPG# 92  Misty Mountain Scene in Acrylic 20″x24″ gallery  $100.00

P1010735.jpg# 98  Uluru  (Ayers Rock in Australia) 20″x20″ gallery in Acrylic  $100.00P1010739.JPG# 99  Uluru in Pointism 12’x16″  Acrylic $25.00P1010734.jpg# 100  Koala’s in Acrylic 12″x 16″  $200.00P1010798.JPG# 104 Sunset over Copper Island Acrylic framed 12″x9″ $50.00P1010799.jpg# 106  Birches on Barnboard Acrylic $150.00

P1010795.jpg# 110  Mount Ida Acrylic with knife 24″ x12″ $100.00

P1010805.jpg# 103  Blind Bay Cafe (before Finz renovated it)  Acrylic framed 12″ x16″ $150.00

P1010762.JPG# 117  North pole meets South pole!  Fun…. penguins and polar bears never meet up.

18″x24″ gallery in Acrylic  $200.00P1010759.jpg# 118  Chase Falls in spring.  Acrylic 16″ x 20″  $100.00

this brings me up to everything I have painted up to 2017.


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