Sold! On August 19th we moved out of the home we built on McBride Road four years ago, and back into the home we build 12 years ago across the way on Roncastle Road. Having been rented for that time we needed to do a major renovation. So, summer was spent painting, new floors and carpets, new baseboards. Many trades refurbishing, cleaning and replacing furnaces, air-conditioner, fireplaces, alarms, hot tub, plumbing, etc. Having steppIMG_1497.jpged back we are getting ready to move forward again. This home is cozy and I call it “Country Rustic”. The one we moved out of was “Country Shmansy”. And so Roncastle went on the market 3 days after we moved in!

After much negotiation we purchased our first choice, of three lots on McBride. I’m calling this “McBride 2.0”. This property is an acre and has an amazing view into Blind Bay, down the lake to Sorrento, and around to Celesta. On September 19th we had the lot grubbed (removal of all coniferous trees and shrubs). This opened up the views we knew were there, surprising the neighbors and improving their views as well. I’m told the lot has many visitors checking out whats happening.

September 24th found us on a cruise to Hawaii and back. We badly needed a holiday, having 4 family members pass away this year, moving, looking after 5 grankids! Yes, we needed a break! While cruising we got an offer on the Roncastle home and we could rent back while building. Win Win. Unfortunately the offer fell through a month latter :((

Copper Island from MacArther trail.

October was spent working with an architect designing a new home. I wanted everything we use day to day on one floor. Children and visitors can do the stairs. This will be a smaller home designed to make the most of the amazing views. Wall to wall, floor to ceiling glass. And so more furniture to sell and also all the Paintings I have accumulated. Joyce suggested this venue and here I am.

Notch Hill Church

One of the first paintings I did when we moved here was the old Notch Hill Church. 16″x 20″ in Acrylic  $130.


Northern Lights is 16″ x 20″ Acrylic.  $130.

#4 Northern Lights
Northern Lights.

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