Walk in the Birches

32″ x 24″ in Acrylic.


Walk in the Birches













Ink Pours are fun and you are never sure what you will get.  Sometimes it takes a few weeks to see what is in the canvass.



“Abyss”  11″ x 14″  $25.00









“Stained Glass” 11″ x 14″


Stained Glass









“Forest Fire” 16″ x 20″


Forest Fire










“Under the Sea” 16″ x 12″


Under the Sea










“Blue Horse”  12″ x 16″


#109 Blue Horse.JPG


Well time has flown by again.  Goes so fast the older we get!  Having spent the holidays in Airdrie with our oldest son, and hockey tournament in Banff, I was drawn by the mountains.

#119  Mount Rundle Grizzly 20″x20″ Gallery Canvas in Acrylic  $150


#121 Banana Leaves  Acrylic and Inks #300  SOLD



#122  Muskoka Chairs on Beach  14″x11″  Acrylics   $110.00


#123 Beach with Fence 14″x36″  Acrylics  $150.00


#124 Birches from below.  18″ x  24″ in Acrylics.  $100.00



#125 Mountain Goats  16″x20″  Acrylics  $100.00


#126 Falls  12″ x 16″  Acrylics  $50


#127 Rainbow Birches from Below  16″ x 20″ Acrylics 100.00


#132  Boats on Beach on Wood.  35″ x 20″  $120.00

IMG_1704 2.jpg

#133 Blarney Castle 12″ x 17 Acrylics   $100.00


#140  White Trees  6″ x 6″ acrylics  $10.00 each


#141  Wooden Clock  $125.00IMG_3972.jpg#150 Stonehenge 12″ x 17″  Acrylics  $100.00


#151  Ski   $125.00


#152  Irish Countryside 12″ x 17″ Acrylics $100.00

And this ends the productivity of 2017.  Between building, packing and  unpacking, travel and friends.



Well it has been awhile since I posted anything as our house sold and we are being looked after by all our friends.   We have moved our furniture into a friends warehouse, boxes into another friends garage and ourselves into a friends basement.  And the new house is moving along nicely.  Hope to be in before Christmas.  So need to sell some paintings.  As you may recall the new house has very few walls as the view of the lake is amazing.

IMG_1492.jpg# 54   Hybiscus done in Ink and acrylic  38″ x 20″   $150.00  SOLD

IMG_1489.jpg# 55  Irish Light House  Black/chalk/acrylic  16″ x 12″   $25.00

P1010142.JPG#  61   Fall Lake View in Acrylic  24″x18″  gallery canvas   $150.00


P1010146.JPG# 62 Tropical Sunset in Acrylic  $100.00


P1010226.JPG# 63  Fairmont Forest  Acrylic Gallery 24″x18″   $150.00

IMG_0797.jpg#65  Korky in oil (commission)  sold for $100.00  12″x16″  SOLD

Fur is easier to paint in oils.  I rather like painting animals.

# 67  Shuswap Lake Sunset in Acrylic 20″x16″  $75.00

P1010429.JPG# 68  Mountains in Fairmont 24″x18″ gallery  $150.00

P1010449.JPG# 70  Ivy Road out Eagle Bay Homestead  acrylic 12″x9″  $50.00

P1010468.jpg# 71  Birches on Black acrylic 16″x20″  $40.00

P1010712.JPG# 73  4 Seasons   Acrylic  $100/setP1010713.JPG# 83  Pick up in the weeds.  Acrylic donated to “Boots for Brody” held May 6/17 (in honor of my grandson who was killed in a car accident May 6, 2016) silent auction got $150 for MADD.  miss you Brody!  SOLD

P1010714.jpg#  84  2nd Blingy Birches with more orange.  20″x24″ gallery  $150.00

P1010719.JPG#86  Black and Silver Birches in Acrylic 12″x36″  $100.00   SOLDP1010724.jpg# 93  Forest Blend in Acrylic  $130.00

P1010723.JPG# 94  Northern Lights Cabin 20″x20″ gallery in Acrylic  $120.00

P1010748.JPG# 96  Mountain with waves in Oil Framed 12″x16″  $100.00 sold

P1010752.jpg# 95  Evergreen tree on Black 9″x12″  Acrylic  $25.00

P1010750.JPG# 92  Misty Mountain Scene in Acrylic 20″x24″ gallery  $100.00

P1010735.jpg# 98  Uluru  (Ayers Rock in Australia) 20″x20″ gallery in Acrylic  $100.00P1010739.JPG# 99  Uluru in Pointism 12’x16″  Acrylic $25.00P1010734.jpg# 100  Koala’s in Acrylic 12″x 16″  $200.00P1010798.JPG# 104 Sunset over Copper Island Acrylic framed 12″x9″ $50.00P1010799.jpg# 106  Birches on Barnboard Acrylic $150.00

P1010795.jpg# 110  Mount Ida Acrylic with knife 24″ x12″ $100.00

P1010805.jpg# 103  Blind Bay Cafe (before Finz renovated it)  Acrylic framed 12″ x16″ $150.00

P1010762.JPG# 117  North pole meets South pole!  Fun…. penguins and polar bears never meet up.

18″x24″ gallery in Acrylic  $200.00P1010759.jpg# 118  Chase Falls in spring.  Acrylic 16″ x 20″  $100.00

this brings me up to everything I have painted up to 2017.

Feel the Subject.


Bling Birches 18″ x 24″ on Gallery Canvas in Acrylic.  $150.00

came from my dreams!

I find the subject needs to be something I have an interest in or it is not enjoyable to paint.  I look around and get inspiration from Nature and my dreams.  When something appeals to me I think through how I would paint it and then put it on canvas.


14″ x 18″  Acrylic $120.00P1000906.JPGBirches by a Lake  20″ x 16″ in Acrylic  $110.00

Mykonos Harbor  14″ x 11″ Acrylic  $75.00.


P1000892.JPGShuswap Sunset

18″ x 24″ Acrylic  $150.00.



Copper Island (from

MacArther Trail)

24″ x 18″ Gallery canvas


Susanne Berg’s Paintings


Oil painting is a little more time oriented but better for certain things, like animal fur.  My mother was an oil painter and as she got older and her Asthma got worse, she was unable to work in oil due to the fumes.  I find I need to be in a patient frame of mind as you have to move about the canvas letting the area you worked on set and dry.  IMG_025b.JPGThis piece is called  “Feel the Colors”   framed it is $300.00. canvas is 29″x 24



Mountains with waves is framed 12″ x 20″  $100.



This oil painting is called “Waves”  16″x 20″ $100  I’m very pleased with how the Waves turned out.


“Panda” is framed 18″x 24″  $300.00

P1010736.jpg“Bisson in the snow”is 20″ x 24” Framed  $300   He turned out so well.  Love him.P1010733.jpg

Acrylic Paintings

I prefer Acrylic as it drys fast and then you can carry on painting, finishing a picture in hours.

“Italian Window” 18″ x 14″


Italian Window









Mini’s  8″ x 6″  $100.00 for all four.


“The TP”  8″ x 10″  $30.00

#22 TP
The TP











“Garden Friends”  12″ x 12″  $120.00

Garden Friends

Lighthouse 24″ x 18″  $130.00










Boat in Shades of Grey  12″ x 10″  $100.00  SOLD

Boat in Shades of Grey








On a trip to Italy and Greece I could not get enough of the old windows and doors.

“Mykonos” 9.5″ x 7″  $50.00









Five Italian and Greek windows and doors.  7″ x 5″  $100.00 all Five

No Walls to hang Paintings

Sold! On August 19th we moved out of the home we built on McBride Road four years ago, and back into the home we build 12 years ago across the way on Roncastle Road. Having been rented for that time we needed to do a major renovation. So, summer was spent painting, new floors and carpets, new baseboards. Many trades refurbishing, cleaning and replacing furnaces, air-conditioner, fireplaces, alarms, hot tub, plumbing, etc. Having steppIMG_1497.jpged back we are getting ready to move forward again. This home is cozy and I call it “Country Rustic”. The one we moved out of was “Country Shmansy”. And so Roncastle went on the market 3 days after we moved in!

After much negotiation we purchased our first choice, of three lots on McBride. I’m calling this “McBride 2.0”. This property is an acre and has an amazing view into Blind Bay, down the lake to Sorrento, and around to Celesta. On September 19th we had the lot grubbed (removal of all coniferous trees and shrubs). This opened up the views we knew were there, surprising the neighbors and improving their views as well. I’m told the lot has many visitors checking out whats happening.

September 24th found us on a cruise to Hawaii and back. We badly needed a holiday, having 4 family members pass away this year, moving, looking after 5 grankids! Yes, we needed a break! While cruising we got an offer on the Roncastle home and we could rent back while building. Win Win. Unfortunately the offer fell through a month latter :((

Copper Island from MacArther trail.

October was spent working with an architect designing a new home. I wanted everything we use day to day on one floor. Children and visitors can do the stairs. This will be a smaller home designed to make the most of the amazing views. Wall to wall, floor to ceiling glass. And so more furniture to sell and also all the Paintings I have accumulated. Joyce suggested this venue and here I am.

Notch Hill Church

One of the first paintings I did when we moved here was the old Notch Hill Church. 16″x 20″ in Acrylic  $130.


Northern Lights is 16″ x 20″ Acrylic.  $130.

#4 Northern Lights
Northern Lights.